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The award winning Deakin Genie App is a part of Deakin's digital frontier for excellence in education. It allows students to easily access their timetable, results, unit information as well as an array of answers to common student questions. This personal assistant in your pocket makes life on campus a breeze.

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Deakin University’s Helping Students with AI

Deakin Genie is an artificial intelligence-enabled, personalised digital assistant being used by students at Deakin University. Genie proactively engages and guides students through study and life at Deakin and beyond. It prepares graduates for a ‘post-digital’ future where chat bots and virtual smart assistants will augment most professions. Deakin Genie is a unique, transformational digital agent for student service, learning support and success. 

Genie is Deakin’s new digital foundation for building a model of education that embraces the behaviours, needs and expectations of a digital generation of staff and students. Not only is Genie personalised to each and every student, it is also fully integrated to the University’s enterprise systems – giving us an edge over all other competitors.

Education Research

Compelling evidence, from academia through to mainstream media, indicates a majority of tertiary institutions worldwide are grappling with the impacts and challenges of digital disruption in an increasingly competitive global education market. Many are seeking to transform student attraction, engagement and retention, while also educating students more effectively and preparing them for a new employment market. Changes in customer expectations are driving much of this disruption. Market intelligence shows that prospective students, driven by employment goals, are ever more discerning about their investment in education. Students’ digital behaviours and expectations are growing more complex and demanding, and are influenced by increasingly commonplace technology innovations and extraordinary digital consumer experiences. 

The Deakin Genie platform is the digital assistant of the future ready to serve Deakin University students now.








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