Genie is an artificial intelligence and machine learning application system that learns and develops with use. The wide array of uses to industry sectors such as health, transport and education is limitless. The predictive analytics is a pro-active component that meets the customer where they are and provides in-time information to meet their needs.

The hyper-personalisation informs decisions creating an immediate and frictionless interaction to solve problems, tasks and complex duties. In this fast-paced time of technology, Genie removes unnecessary stress and frees the user to concentrate on the task at hand.

Global technology companies are investing heavily in conversational user interfaces and chatbot interactions, supported by AI, driving the next major trend in the mobile experience. All recognise the potential to fundamentally change the internet, reducing the dominance of search and relegating many websites and apps to ‘back-end’ functions.

Genie combines cutting-edge technology with emergent models of human and digital interactions. The platform is able to integrate with other architectural components and native digital assistant services, such as Facebook’s M, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Apple’s Siri and Amazon Alexa. There are future opportunities for integration with smart home systems such as Amazon Echo.

Deceptively simple and easy to use, Genie leverages powerful cognitive and data platforms to deliver personalised advice and services, guided assistance, and curated content.

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